Boards exam – The Stepping Stone of Future


Nostalgia is one word that can describe my state mind today. It has been a year since I started working. That is, it’s my working life anniversary today. There is a valid reason that makes me share this blog with you all. It won’t be wrong if I say that everything that happens in your life and career starts from this phase of life, that is, when you are in 10th and preparing for your boards. The same goes true with me. This is the time when I started thinking about my career. It was the time when the thought of ‘my future’ started bothering me. Most of you must be in the same state of mind at this point in time. Hence, sharing this experience of mine with you all seemed like a good idea.


Having said that let me clarify that I’m not planning to give you any sort of lecture that you have been receiving all this year. I remember getting these lessons from my parents and seniors. The most annoying thing about this time is the restrictions. You can’t play, you can’t hang out with friends, and you can’t even watch your favorite show. Above all, the boring lectures of sacrificing all the fun for a year. I felt annoyed when people said that this one year will decide your entire life. How can 365 days decide your fate? Most of you must be having the same feeling. Today, I realize that they were right. I actually feel good about the hard works and sacrifices that I made then. It has contributed to every achievement of mine whether it is my job, this very site or even my scooty, that is, as precious as a Mercedes to me. I treasure the small amount that I save every month because there was a time during my student life when I even sacrificed my breakfast to buy an iPod.


So, my final say and suggestion for you are to take this opportunity in a positive way. Only sacrifices can give you the real taste of achievement. No matter where you reach and what you do in the future, this is the stepping stone of everything that is gonna happen tomorrow. You will get many chances to rectify your mistakes, but your grades won’t change. Don’t get annoyed by the expectations and lectures of your parent as I used to do. You will get a lot of time to enjoy. However, at this level a not-so-good performance is unacceptable. So, leave all the distractions aside and stay focused.


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” – H. P. Lovecraft. Future is not known to anyone and hence the fear of the same is inevitable. You can’t see it, but can get hold of your fear and strive to work towards giving your best. All the best!!!


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