10th Boards – My Experience

So, January has already arrived and before you realize you will find yourself in the eyes of the storm. Boards exam are starting from 7th of March if I’m not wrong. I still remember the time when I was supposed to face the same situation. With experience, I can say that no matter how focused you are, this not the time that everyone looks forward to.

I can relate to the feeling that each and every one you must be facing right now. So, I take this opportunity to share my experience with you all. It was in the year 2006. I had my pre-boards probably in the month of November or December, I suppose. I don’t remember clearly. I was well prepared for the exam. However, to my surprise, I performed badly. It was down in the dump. It took me around a week to get back to normal routine. However, once I got over the sinking feeling, I took the challenge to do better in boards.

My preparation for boards started from that day onwards. Contrary to my usual self, I made a time table. I allotted days for the various subjects. I was really good at science but had to work on the art papers. So, the first preference was the theoretical papers.

Here is my timetable for the day.

  • I used to wake up at 4 in the morning. I used to mug up at least a couple of chapters of History, Civics, Geography, or Biology. The aim was to finish it off by 10. Then, I used to write everything down after breakfast. Writing down the thing helps you to memorize things in a better way.
  • I went to sleep at around 1 in the afternoon. After an hour of rest, I used to start all over again. I completed 3 to 4 chapters in a day.
  • At night, I took up math. I solved at least a chapter of Mathematics every day before going to sleep. I’m a pass out of ICSE boards and the syllabus was huge at that point of time. This way I could take care of both the other subjects as well as mathematics.
  • I prepared the same chapter twice in one go. This way I got a complete one and a half month for revision.

I won’t say I passed with flying colors, but I did my best. The aim was to study 10 to 12 hours a day. I touched the entire syllabus before the exams.

This was my experience of probably one of the most difficult phase of my life. I hope you enjoyed it. Maybe this write-up can help you prepare for your paper.

In the end, my suggestion to you is to take it easy. Don’t push yourself too much. Make an action plan and follow it for these two months. All the very best for your future!


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